Monday, September 13, 2010

Library Card! ...and Volunteering

I don't think there's a way to convey how happy this statement makes me:

I Have A Library Card.

Yea! This may sound like nothing, but I haven't had a library card since college, if that even counts. I haven't been able to get one because I haven't had a license with my current address that's been able to keep up with me during all the moves from Alabama to North Carolina to Atlanta and back again.

But it's true. I have one now!

I headed to the library for my volunteering interview; I'm going to work in the kids' section and assist with Monday morning story time, which I'm so excited for. A few noteworthy moments:

1) Browsing videos and finding a couples' workout video that, upon inspection, appeared to be more of a "gearing up for sexy time" video, complete with suggestive images on the workout ball. I will say, having B lay under me and do a pushup holding my feet in his hands while I hold myself in plank sounds hilarious. And injury inducing, as I'd certainly knee B in all sorts of bad places. Hellooooo broken nose.

2) I had to take a shelving test. I broke out into a sweat ensuring that I understood ascending (in the instructions), then proceeded to read through the lists of Smith, Smitz, Smath, .039, .0038, 3.9 Z, etc. And then I felt dumb for questioning if it was hard or easy!

3) Fun Fact: 10 people run the whole library. The rest are school-age volunteers completing their requirements. Oh boy.

But I'm so excited. Mondays, the library and I are going to be tight!

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