Monday, September 13, 2010


I've finally found the year that you forget how old you are. It's 26. Or maybe 27. But I believe 26.

Multiple times during this past year I've found myself hesitating when people ask me hold old I am, not because I'm ashamed of the answer, but because I've honestly forgotten. Maybe this is why you're never suppose to ask a woman how old she is; it's not her age you might offend, but her growing senility. Or is it apathy. Either way, not good!

That's way of saying that I turned 27 (I think. Mom?) this week. B's parents were in town to see the place so we indulged and headed to a new restaurant named, appropriately, 'Town. (Yes, that's an apostrophe there. Welcome to high-class livin', folks!) It was delicious! And the perfect way to cap off a pretty perfect day which included hitting two Targets, trolling Ponte Vedra, selling B's parents a cookie at the bakery, suit browsing at Joseph A Banks, and generally being pretty darn happy.

Twenty-six was a good year. All told, I'm pleased with the progress of the company that is A, Inc. LLC. Talking in business terms, it's been a tough year. We've transitioned from full-time employment to full time freelance employment, but our excellent partner just started his own full-time job, so, all told, we're going places.

Things I've Noticed:

*I miss Dad more this fall than last fall. I keep thinking this is his first football season with the best seats in the house, but then I remember. Maybe this time last year I was too sad to be missing him?

* B & I get around. This year, we've gone to Hilton Head, Charleston, Florence, Atlanta, Columbia, the BVIs, Key West, Miami, Jacksonville, Durham, Chapel Hill, Birmingham, Top Sail, Willmington, Maine, Sonoma, Berkeley, Charlottesville, Cancun, somewhere in Texas, Princeton, and probably more. Makes me feel pretty amazingly blessed!

* I'm less risk-averse than I thought. I had to leave my full-time job, but found oodles of gigs as a nanny. That brought (and bought!) me the confidence to look into full-time freelance writing, which has turned out great. In the past, transition scared the mismatched socks off me, but now, not so much. It's like when I loved roller coasters until I knew enough to be scared of them, then loved them again after I figured out it was worth the rush. My sister nailed it when she said, "I wonder if you'll hate transition less now that at least one element (B) is no longer transitioning as well."

* B & I are a pretty good pair. I look back at our time together and it makes me smile. I call that a win.

* The more that I'm around B the more tempted I am to try to bring as many little people that are just like him into this world. He's a good man. I attribute this shift in mindset (ie, the desire for little people) to age and clocks and all manner of things associated with age, and of course to how great B is.

* No little people yet. For the record. Here it is in print. We'd love to have them visit, just not ready to start building pack & plays just yet.

* I long for the good in people. More than ever before, I want to believe that people are basically good and desire to do good to others and bring good to the world. See? Senility.

* Baby Tyler joined the crew. Welcome little man!

Twenty-six treated me well. I'm looking forward to getting 27 off to a great start.


~Mariah~ said...

B & you DO get around!! Please to add Boulder to the list someday????

~Mariah~ said...

Also, I'm pretty sure baby AJB would be one of the most adorable and wonderful people on earth. I can't wait to meet him/her/them.