Monday, September 13, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner!

B & I arrived in Portland, Maine on Friday afternoon after moving our flight up to avoid Hurricane Earl. (I'll spare you the fear-- no rain all weekend!) We met his parents, hopped in a rental car, and headed to the first event of the Labor Day weekend wedding: a casual barbecue. So fun, so relaxing, so... Maine. Fog rolling in off the water, salmon fresh off the grill... Did I mention we're moving to Maine?

Saturday morning, B & I headed out the wander after he picked up his oh-so hot navy blue tux (believe me, pics. to. follow.). I fell in love with a kitchen store, we stuffed ourselves full of lobster salad, and then we headed to Rivalries, a sports bar across from the hotel, for a morning of football watching before B had to suit up in his lobster shirt (yes sir!) for the rehearsal dinner. Two claws up, my friends!

The rehearsal dinner was soooo charming. It was outside under a tent. Wine flowing, appetizers passing, and 100 lobsters ready for the cracking. We had a blast working our way through the shells, into the butter, and through a night of fun toasts, a pony (yes, a pony), and a sereade with a made-to-order song from an up-and-coming singer/songwriter. It was a night under the stars to remember!

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