Monday, September 13, 2010

16 Months!

Missed it again!

This month has been crazy and wonderful, which is about how I describe all our months, I realize. B was talking about how busy we've been and he said, "I feel like everything just happened to hit this month." I replied, "I'm sure we'll laugh about that every August for the rest of our lives when we say the exact same thing!"

So, August 9 to September 9. B had bachelor parties, and we had two weddings for his dear high school buddies. We finished unpacking and organizing in time to take a belated Bar Trip to Miami and Key West in a convertible, where his parents said I could buy "a piece of art" for my birthday. I came home with a beautiful Christmas ornament and a killer swimsuit, both arguably "works of art" in my book!

Our weddings took us to Columbia, SC and Portland, Maine. Beautiful, amazing, fun weekends and both totally different!

We had our first weekend in J'ville, took B shopping for all new clothes (to add to his wardrobe that stems from high school and junior year of college, the most recent of which was six years ago), visited a church (whose pastor we literally can't understand), and both started work.

Praise God, we both love our jobs and neither of us has been fired.... yet. I still acknowledge that tomorrow is another day for me! :)

B's parents came to visit and see the place and (woohoo!) football season started. My birthday came and went and so soon, we hope, will the heat of the summer.

As for what we've learned about each other or from each other, well, moving does that to you. My freelance payments have been slow, so we've been figuring out more about finances. B is a first-time full-time employee, so he's learning the joys of navigating "leaving it at the office" and signing up for health care. The proudest thing for me? We're on the same team.

B & I decided early on that we could deal with anything if we were on the same team. No dividing and conquering in this house and, you know what, it's really worked out. Team K. Works for us!

I remember thinking that six months seemed like an eternity, now I can hardly believe that 16 months has felt like the blink of an eye. I am so lucky and blessed. Happy (belated, darn it) Anniversary, B!

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