Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Type A?

A few months ago, my sister, her husband, B, & I were having a conversation about Type A people, the almost OCD set that needs everything just so.

Sister: You know, I read that most people like that actually have one area of their life that's a disaster. Like me, I have my car, which is always a disaster filled with kids toys and cups and who knows what else. But I'm ok with it.

B: I think I might be like that, too.

Sister: Do you have an area of your life that's a mess?

B: (pause)

Me: Ahh! It's me! It's me!

B: What?

Me: It's me! I'm your disaster area, the place you allow to be disorganized in your life. Oh my God, it's me.

B: It IS you! I never thought about that...

Here's hoping he doesn't think about it too hard...

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~Mariah~ said...

hahahaha....i love it. ~;o)