Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"The One that Ate Roast Beef"

Is Mom the best Mom (and Nana) or what? While B has dubbed my hurt toe my "ring toe," Mom has gone one further and dubbed it "the one that ate roast beef." What is life without smiles, right?

So my dear sweet brothers took good care of me. Lloyd got me in to see someone in his practice who was not only nice and obviously smart, but really a fun guy to talk to. He took a look at my chart and said, "Hurt knee when sledding in Vermont; Hurt toe by walking into a chair... Sounds like someone needs Valium and a padded room."

They took all the Xrays they needed and discovered my old breaks (see the posts below) and that my toe, while not broken (thank you God!), does have a torn ligament. Thankfully it's swollen enough not to veer from its proper location (pointing due straight) on my foot, but, for good measure, I've taped it up really well and am wearing my cute bootie.

Dr: We can put you in a bootie, but it's not very fashionable. Me: Will it hurt less? Dr: Definitely. Me: Give me that bootie. See? It matches my jeans!

It also matches the navy bridesmaids dress I'll be wearing two weeks from Saturday. Here's hoping I can get in ANY other shoe at that point!

B's been a champ about everything, even going so far as to retape the toe before I left for Birmingham, "so Lloyd can see that I did a good job." Lloyd's response? "Tell him he did a great job... for a lawyer."

See? I'm all about bringing people together, even if it costs me an arm, a leg, and, well, a piggie that eats roast beef.


~Mariah~ said...

hahah!! LOVE the picture with this post!! And glad you started including pictures again. You always find funny ones. ~;o)

Stephanie said...

Fab photo. Really enjoyed your post.