Thursday, December 10, 2009

7 Months!

One day late, I know, but B & I have been having a surprisingly busy and yet hugely slow week. But we did take time to wish each other happy anniversary, which went something like this...

11:15am, driving to Costco
Me: Ha! Happy Anniversary!
B: No! I was going to say that!

Ah romance, aint' it grand? We had a great day though, celebrating being back in our apartment as we anticipate another very fun round of family holidays. Plus he lapped me this morning by putting two Christmas presents under the tree. Jerk. :)

So let's see, what happened this month. La de dah, not so much, right? Let's just say it's been a wild month!
Torn toe ligament? Check.
Knowledge of job ending? Check.
Thanksgiving in Durham? Check.
Thanksgiving in Atlanta? Check.
Picked up wedding album? Check.
Hosted fabulous friends for football weekend? Check.
Bought, transported, and decorated first Christmas tree? Check.
Ate body weight in popcorn that Mom so lovingly sent? Check.
First boston butt cooked (details to come!)? Check.
Celebrated my brother-in-law and sister-inlaw's bdays? Check.
B's next-to-last exam period prep? Check.
Saw friends and family on visit to Birmingham? Check.
Visited dear friend's newly purchased first home? Check.

It's been nutty! B & I are still learning a lot about each other. He had to deal with a pretty emotional version of me when I learned about my job, and a self-pitying one at that ("All I want is six quiet months," which is so unfair to say).

But we're learning and growing. He's so good to me, being loving and supportive when I'm feeling bummed and excited when I'm on a new lead ("They're looking for a cupcake decorator at Mad Hatter's!").

We've had a great month full of change and excitement, and we're ready for more. I can't wait! You'll have to wait, though. Next time the 9th rolls around, we'll be floating around the BVIs with his family for a week on a sailboat. While I'm told there's wi-fi on the boat, I can assure you that you won't be hearing from me...

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