Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scene of the Crime

Colby has been doing so well. He had one 24-hour period in which he got up on our green couch every chance he got, even leaving us with his toys on the floor and going into the other room to do so. And, every time, I hauled him off with a stern "NO".

My sister keenly pointed out that he likely stopped after that day-long stretch figuring, "Whatever, she's at work all day and I get the couch then, so why fight over this little stretch at night?"

So lately we've been leaving Colby out of his crate at night and during the mornings while I'm at work. We wake up first in the morning and we always find him on his little pillow or the hardwoods, but I have no idea what he does while I'm gone as he always greets me at the door (and doesn't chew the drapes, so we're cool).

Then, today, I came home to this.

If you look closely, you'll see what's called a Bully Bone (which is apparently the new rawhide) tucked neatly between the cushions of our green couch. Colby, buddy, if you didn't shed and weren't lazy with your bone placement, you might've gotten away with it!

In any case, do you know what happens to puppies who get on the couch? They go to the puppy pen(itentiary). Consider yourself warned. 


~Mariah~ said...

hahahaha....if you are able to catch him in the act you might try a little water in a squirt bottle. River hates this so much that usually showing her the squirt bottle is enough to make her behave. ~;o)

Angie said...

Mister likes to "bury" his bones between couch cushions. The best part is he'll actually try to dig, just doesn't get him anywhere.