Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"No, Really-- It's For Work"

I'm pretty sure B doesn't think I actually work. This week he busted me hauling two kinds of cookie dough, two kinds of cake mix, and brownie mix into the office. My defense, "It's for a cookie dough tasting video!" didn't satisfy him so much as make him more curious.

But, of course, I have proof:

See? That, my friends, is a video of said cookie dough tasting. Can you believe we have a lady at our office who has never tried it? Check out her Cookie Dough Virgin post. Nary a spatula, beater, or whisk had passed her lips until yesterday. I think you can tell from the video that she was terrified!

So it should come as no surprise that our afternoon conversation went something like this:
Me: Sorry I missed you!
B: What are you up to?
Me: Hosting a King Cake Vodka tasting.
B: (silence)
Me: So technically, when we go to refinance this afternoon, I can claim that I wasn't in my right mind.
B: Make sure to say that out loud when yo u get there.

Done. Anything for you, love.

Let the countdown to Mardi Gras begin!


~Mariah~ said...

Hahaha - she looks and sounds SO UNCOMFORTABLE. (I'm also loving the semi-porn music in the background...) Also, I want your life. ~;o)

Jennifer said...

Your job makes me jealous. So fun! Next time there's cookie dough involved, I want in. (Or vodka, for that matter!)