Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Seven Years, Or Is It Eight?

Yesterday B & I celebrated our "old anniversary," the one when we first started dating exclusively (we had our first date over a year before that).

Last year, we didn't really celebrate March 1st, as we were barreling toward May 9th and super excited about it, but this year we'd talked about what would happen to Old Anniversary. We'd celebrated it for so long, exchanging gifts, flowers, cards, and candy to commemorate that Sophomore formal. How time flies...

We came to an informal agreement that stemmed from our first date (well, the first one not at a KA function). On our first date, B tried to take me out to a local seafood place that was well-known in Princeton. So well-known, in fact, that they don't take reservations. We showed up and found out there would be a two hour wait. If you know either of us, you know that we're sooo over waiting for food when there are other options around. We agreed to move on.

B drove down route one until I piped up, "A CHILI'S! We just got one of those at home! Can we go there?" As B puts it, that's when he fell in love. And christened me (lovingly so) the world's cheapest date. Chicken crispers and a sweet tea and I was in heaven.

So as we debated what to do with this Old Anniversary, it seemed like a natural conclusion. Instead of adding another expensive holiday to the rotation (either in mental capacity, time, or monetary investment), we'd keep it fun and head to Chili's on March 1st each year. Yesterday was a nutty day, so instead of going there, I stopped by and picked up their delicious Southwestern Eggrolls as a surprise for B.

I love fun, easy celebrations. Um, and delicious fried food. Double win!

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Leslie said...

The old stories are so cute! I love these.