Monday, March 15, 2010

10 Months!

It should tell you something that I just tried to title this post "8 Months." Where is time going? This post is almost a full week late, a fact I blame on lots of travel, good times, eating, and, well, laziness (sometimes a spade is simply a spade).

On with it! In ten months, I could've done a number of things including create an entire human (not pregnant, by the way, so no holding of breath). Instead of filling you in on all of that, I'll just catch you up on our last fabulous month.

B & I started this last month out with a flourish-- a week-long trip to Cancun with my family where we had a blast! Not so fun? Taxes, but we did them (or the prep, as I have to keep reminding myself).

Our darling niece Sienna turned two, an event we celebrated on a plane with gooey cupcakes (you're welcome, Delta).

B's been hard at work on law school craziness and I've been spending my usual hours working as a freelancer and a nanny with various kids around the area. I've loved it! I was so sick for so much of January that I'd forgotten how amazing it felt to be well (and to feel sunshine-- welcome Spring!).

Less usual is that my high school girlfriends came to visit (4/5 of them, at least!) and we spent an amazing weekend at B's parents' beach house on the NC shore. It was so amazing to be with them (more on that later) and reconnect, especially before 2 of the 4 have babies this Spring/Summer! Their visit wrapped up just before our official anniversary, one we both missed by a few days!

B & I got to spend some quality time with my Mom, who was up for a few weeks hanging with the Smith sisters and I got to go with the crew to the Durham Science Museum, a site to behold! I still have so much to learn from my Mom and my sister. Excitement, patience, hunger for knowledge, and the ability to answer all the hard questions ("What is belly dancing?") without encouraging more questions!

B & I also had some good time together. This month has been nuts for him as he's been knocking out two big projects for the semester. We got by thanks to lots of dinners together, our wonderful DV-R, and the promise of a super fun Spring. What's up on our Spring docket (B's spring break-- already done and details to come--, a friend's wedding in TX, a trip to the beach house with B's parents, and B's annual law school softball tourney at UVA). Can't wait!

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