Monday, March 15, 2010

Girls' Weekend!

For starters, go here: Haley's blog, where you'll find fabulous photos (as well as awesome recipes and great pictures of her sweet baby girl, Mary Ella) from our weekend. Gone already? Excellent.

We. Had. So. Much. Fun.

This plan started forever ago, when I suggested the girls come up here to get together for a weekend at the beach. After some date bartering (around two due dates!), we found one that worked for all but one of us, which was a bummer, but 5/6 ain't too bad!

I asked B's Mom to book out the house even though I wasn't sure it would actually happen. You know, you always hope and dream this stuff will work out, but typically life gets in the way. Then they all sent me their e-ticket numbers. I did a happy dance. I kid you not, ask B.

I picked up three of them in Durham on a Thursday morning and we all did the happy dance together before loading up the car with their luggage, no small task considering I'd packed it out with food, movies, and iced tea (seriously, check Haley's pictures). We drove to Top Sail, where we settled in, let the preggos nap, and had a lasagna dinner (thank you, Pioneer Woman cookbook! And B's brother Kevin for gifting it to me for Christmas) before driving to Wilmington to get our 4th accomplice, who had to work all day on Thursday.

The weekend was mostly food, talking, cooking, and hanging around. We took long walks on the beach, ate at the beach shack, told stories about new houses, housing markets, husbands, and cravings (some pregnancy related, some otherwise). We stuffed ourselves with ice cream cookie sandwiches, lasagna, homemade pizza, homemade focaccia, spaghetti, Special K (three kinds), brownies, wheat thins, and oh-so much more. We even had an emergency run to the supermarket for more ice cream and two Butterfingers, per Haley's request ("they really are never as good as you hope they are").

I thought we'd watch movies and play games, but instead we simply sat around and caught up. My brother-in-law asked how it was, if we still had things in common. I told him that our personalities still mesh and we still love our stories, so yes, we're still close and we are oh-so happy.

After two wonderful nights, we drove back to Durham to spend one night in our apartment (bless B's heart) before putting them on a plane at 8 am Sunday morning. I came back to the apartment and slept until I got a text from one of them that they were in safe.

I asked B if I wasn't 1000 times better after seeing them and getting some time to relax with my dear friends. His response? "You really think I'm going to answer that?" Smart man.


Katie said...

Aw, it was so awesome! I hope that we get to do it again one day! Thanks for being such an awesome hostess!

We are BLESSED. said...

Ahhhh... I feel relaxed all over again just reading about this. SERIOUSLY!

And I second the "Poor B' comment on how we all forced you out of your bed, not even a year into your marriage, and made you two sleep on couch cushions. We owe him one, for sure!

Leslie said...

It was the perfect weekend! Thanks so much!