Monday, February 1, 2010

Adventures in Shipping

The last, final, ultimate step of my leaving my job is returning all my stuff, something B & I will both be glad to accomplish as it'll get that lovely black computer bag out of our doorway. I've been putting it off for two weeks now, partly because it'll really mean that I'm done with my job of 4 years but mostly (I'm betting) because it's so damn cold outside and I don't want to haul it over to the shipping store. Lazy party of one? Present!

So, in a snow-bound frenzy of cleaning today (we're talking shower tiles-meet-tooth brush here), I threw it in the car and off we went to the Pak Place, or whatever quasi-clever name it has. I checked before parking to make sure they had the FedEx logo out front (as I'm using work's billing code), then parked and dug my way through the slush and snow to the door.

Owners (Yes, there were two and they both stood at the register and "helped" me together): How can we help you?

Me: I need to ship this. I have my FedEx billing code here.

Owner Man: Do you have your shipping form completed?

Me: No, but I have the information here, so if you give me one I can fill it out.

Owner Lady: We don't have the forms here.

Me: You don't have the forms here? The ones you need to ship things?

Owner Man: I can ship it from my account with my billing code.

Me: But you can't change the code?

Owner Man: No. I can ship it and you can pay me.

Me: No, I need to bill it. Where do I get one of those forms?

Owner Lady: At a FedEx store.

Me: Is there one of those around here?

Owner Lady: Yes.

Me: Right, ok. Where is it?

Owner Man: At the BB&T center. Go there, get your form, come back here, and leave the package with us. We'll give it to the FedEx man.

Me: Who will then take it to...

Owner Man: The FedEx store.

Riiiiigggghhhht. Now I got it.

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