Thursday, February 25, 2010

B's Favorite Mexico Moments

* Fast-track through immigration and customs. (Thank you poopy/screaming babies.)

* Warm weather/great sun all. week. long. (He says as snow falls in our hometown. Yuck.)

* Throwing tennis balls in the wave pool.

* The rat in the wave pool (Yes, there was a rat that somehow drowned in the wave pool. Back to reality!).

* Mojitos on the beach (Ditto that!).

* Getting a nice tan.

* No baby, sibling dinner (the first time all eight of us had been together alone, ever!).

* Tequila store, tasting every tequila the (all-inclusive) bar had to offer.

* Popcorn before dinner (seriously, how kid-friendly was this bar? Fresh-popped popcorn starting at 5:30 every night).

* Fresh-made doughnuts every morning.

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