Thursday, October 21, 2010

UNC Trip!

See? I DO exist! Here I am! My goal for the day is the get caught up on blogging (Haley, are you reading? :)), so why not start with something super fun?

In September, B surprised me by saying, "Heck yes! Let's drive 14 hours round trip to spend 36 hours watching two football games with you family." Ok, not in so many words, but we did have an amazing road trip. UNC was playing GA Tech (Tech won) and Alabama was playing Duke (Alabama won), so we slated a full day of tailgating, football watching, and, of course, eating!

It was such a blast to see three of our favorite kiddos again. We can't believe how much they change every time we leave! Little T, especially.

We drove up after work on Friday, arriving just before midnight, then spent Saturday enjoying loads of football, bouncy houses at UNC, the ultimate seats in the UNC fancy box (fabulous!), then a super hot Alabama game in Duke's stadium. Sunday we went to church, where I saw a few of my babysitting kiddos, then lunch, then B & I headed home while everyone else (save Nana, who was also driving home!) napped (or at least I hope they did; I was exhausted!).

It means to us to get to spend time with family. We're excited to have them come visit us in a few weeks!!

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