Monday, October 11, 2010

Ah! That Explains It!

I know I'm crazy behind, and my goal, while B is out of town for a few days, is to catch up. However, I couldn't resist leaving you with this gem.

My big brother L is researching a little of our family history, and by "a little", I mean he found that we're already documented back into the 1300s. In Scottland. Blimey! Or whatever the Scots say. In his poking around, he discovered that our name was originally "DeJohnston" (holla) and that we were married into the Forbes family, aka, my new retirement plan.

Me: L, this is amazing!
L: I know. I mean, I kept looking to see if I could find Jesus in our tree, but then I remembered he didn't have any kids.

Dad would be oh-so proud. :)

Updates tomorrow, including hitting the 17 month mark, a visit to NC to see the kiddos, life at the bakery, a tale of two (dead) cars, "What's that gushing through our ceiling?", "What's that gushing out our AC unit" (also known as "We're Never Buying a House"), and other big news unrelated to me. Happiness abounds!

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