Thursday, October 21, 2010

Showerpalooza Weekend

My last week of September went something like this....

Me: "I think I'm going to go to both those showers this weekend."
B: "Which showers?"
Me: "The ones in Atlanta and Birmingham."
B: "Sounds great. I know you'd love that."
Me: "But it's really far."
B: "But you'll see everyone you love."
Me: "That's true... the high school girls, new Atlanta friends, Mom, Grandma, Lloyd, Holly, Alex, Lily, Carolyn, your parents..."
B: "Soo..."
Me: "Maybe I'll stay through Monday..."

So I did! I left Florida after work on Friday and headed to Atlanta, where I had dinner with B's parents. The next morning, his Mom was hosting a shower for the soon-to-be wife (we leave tonight for the wedding!) of B's best friend, so I helped with that, and by helped I mean "ate three brownies," "enjoyed Champagne," and "missed B bunches." (I did, honey!).

The shower was super fun. Champagne, wine, great food, new friends, and fun gifts. I remember how special I felt at my wedding showers, almost as if you can't believe these people would give up a day to come see you before giving up another day to come see you! It was wonderful and, after the shower, B's Mom and I headed to Trader Joe's, so I could stock up on cookies to take home with me.

On Sunday morning, I left for Birmingham for another shower, this one a baby shower for my dear friend from high school. I arrived in town in time to have lunch with my Grandma and my cousin Josh, then headed to the shower, then to my Bham friend Lily's house for a quick catch-up, then to see the rest of my family. By the end, I was exhausted!

Monday morning, I headed home to Florida, taking back roads the entire way. It took forever, but it was amazing. So worth the drive!
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