Friday, October 22, 2010


This week I looked down and noticed that my ring was missing one of the stones from the band setting. Ok, so I didn't so much look as I did feel; apparently I feel around in my rings a lot. Hm, perhaps I wiggled it loose?
Either way, today, I'm in Atlanta, getting ready for a fun wedding weekend, and (engagement) ring-less. I took it in this morning and asked the man, our good friend's brother-in-law, if it might be ready by this afternoon.
"A, it would be a miracle."
Bah! But seriously, he needed to soak it (a sign I should clean it more often?), then clean it, then set the stone and check all the prongs.
But I miss it. I'm glad to have my wedding band, but I know I'm going to have random panic moments in the next few days (yes, days) thinking that I've lost it.
I mentioned to him that he should invest in loaner rings. After all, he's got my most favorite piece of jewelry in there, so I'm definitely coming back. And, who knows? Maybe I'd fall in love with the loaner, too...
Ok, not like we're buying another ring. But I miss mine!

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We are BLESSED. said...

just be glad you still have your rings. both of mine are still missing and have been deemed "un-find-able." boo.