Thursday, July 8, 2010

Florida Application Memory

30 miles away from Jacksonville, en route to Atlanta


Me: Hello?

Agent*: Hi A, this is Agent. I'm so sorry, but I told the lady at the front desk that you had to leave your security deposit check with us today.

Me: What?

Agent: Yeah, the owners said if they're going to hold it until August 1 that they want the check in-hand today.

Me: Ok, well I can give you my debit card.

Agent: Well, no...

Me: Credit card?

Agent: No, we need a check.

Me: We're already on our way back to Atlanta. Can't you charge my card and cut them a check?

Agent: No, they require a check from you to them.

Me: So we have to drive back.

Agent: Yes. I am so sorry.

It cost us an hour, but we chose to think of it as securing us a home. If we don't get the home after that, I'm sending them a bill for gas...

*NOTE: This wasn't our original agent, but the one assigned to process our application. Uggggh.

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