Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bar, Day 1

I dropped B off this morning (after a restless night at the Drury) for the first day of the Bar exam. I felt like I had a kid going off to kindergarten!

Items on the Bar's prep list included "comfortable, decent" clothing without logos, "soft" shoes (but NO flip flops), snacks that were unwrapped (to prevent noise), pens with black ink, and an "in your seat" time of 90 minutes prior to when the test actually started.

The morning went something like this:

6am Alarm. B gets in shower.

6:02 "Um, A? Can you get me some soap?"
Me: "It's already in the shower."
B: "You unwrapped it for me?"
Me: "Saving time, sweetie."
B: "That's so nice!"

6:17 Downstairs to get hot breakfast. Made B eat two bites of Lucky Charms, for luck!

6:29 Leave for exam site (3 miles away). B forgets ear plugs, goes back upstairs.

6:30 Leave again.

6:42 Arrive at test site. Drop kids off and remind them not to trade lunches

7:30 B admitted to testing room.

I met him for lunch (turkey sandwiches from Subway) and he was great! Pleased with how it was going, happy he hadn't read any questions and said "What? You're testing in Arabic this year?" I'm excited to get him in an hour and see how he's doing at the halfway point. We're hoping for some pool time (if the weather holds), happy hour (thank you, Drury!), and some dinner nearby (mostly bland, nothing we might be allergic to!). We're also hoping for some bad movies on TV and some lowkey time together before Day 2.

Thank you, everyone, for the prayers you've sent up for B over the past weeks, months, and especially today. I know both Moms have been all but lighting candles today, and we are oh-so thankful.

Here's to another day going well and a happy B headed off to a bachelor party this weekend while I move to Florida with Mom. Life is crazy, but so wonderful!

More to come...

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