Tuesday, July 27, 2010

14 (and a half!) Months!

Late late late... Let's not waste any time!

June 9-July 9 was big... I drove to Durham to wait out new Baby Smith, who arrived about four days after I left. Thank goodness I didn't wait; my Sister may have killed me! I had a great time that week hanging with her, seeing my brother-in-law, and playing with two of my nieces. Loooove them. We played, had Chick-fil-A, went to the mall playground, hit the park with swings, and welcomed Grammy, Tim's Mom into town.

I headed home and had a great date night with B at Fox Brother's BBQ in ATL. BBQ eggrolls? Yum!

Baby Smith, a little boy, showed up later that week.

I got to see my girlfriends and meet their babies (and see baby bumps!).

My newest work venture started; I'm currently writing content for websites that one of B's best friends since forever makes. I love it. As Sienna would say, "I'm having SUCH a good time!"

We "warmed" a friend's home in Atlanta and continued to live in B's parents basement, a fun repeat of last summer. While B studied, I had a few extra ears to bend about everyday ongoings.

Then came July. We celebrated the 4th with B's parents at the lake, then Mom and I headed to Jacksonville to find a place to live, and boy did we. The place we got was more than just a spot to sleep, it's a great home; I can't wait to move! I'll hate being further away from family (and more than a floor from B's parents), but I'm looking forward to our new neighborhood and finding a job there.

When I should've posted this entry, B & I were moving into the home we house-sat for over two weeks. More on that later!

It was a nutty month for us. B worked tirelessly and without complaint to study and prep for the Bar (it started today!). I struggled to figure out what was best work-wise for myself and my job. Things are crazy, but B & I are looking forward to having some real downtime on our Bar trip in August; we've rented a convertible and are hitting the A1A down to Miami, then on to Key West. We can't wait!

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