Friday, May 8, 2009


Amazing!  Finally forced myself to sneak a few minutes away from the fun to document the goings-on.  I wouldn't, normally, but I'm just so happy to have any kind of a record of all the craziness.  So, speaking of craziness, here we go:

B and I avoided loading the car due to a huge downpour, so we didn't get on the road until about 12.  We rolled into Florence in time to unload the cars, grab a quick turkey sandwich, and head to meet Al, our video man.  At the church, we walked through the entire ceremony, which was both helpful (who stands where) and kind of moving (holy heck this is happening!).  Post Al, we headed to meet B's parents, then off to dinner at Turtle Point with allll the kiddos.  B stayed the night at my house-- the last time he'll stay at Casa A before being we're married.

Got off to a roaring start.  With four kids under the age of three in the house, it had to!  B was on the couch in the playroom, God bless him, but he says he slept through all the mid-night wake ups. Thursday morning we got up and tackled the "welcome" bags for the hotel, loading them with all the goodies and information sheets, then helped the parents get the hospitality suite set up before grabbing lunch at Trowbridges (yum) with his Dad and his brother.  Friends and family started rolling in, so I met a few newbies and visited with other members of B's family that I hadn't seen in about six years when I'd attended his grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary party just three months after we started dating.

I headed home to change, then we all dug into a delicious barbecue dinner at Outpost 72, where we celebrated my sister (and matron of honor)'s birthday, which is actually the day we nabbed for our wedding.  Say it with me, it's all about the bride. Ok, not really.  We called her before announcing the date and asked if we could borrow hers.  She agreed, with the condition that no attention be called to her at the wedding or rehearsal dinner.  She neglected to cancel out Thursday, so we celebrated with a big cookie cake and a sheet cake, which the kids just LOVED.
So here I am, Friday morning, curlers in my hair typing on my blog.  B's playing golf with his groomsmen and I'm getting ready for the bridesmaids luncheon in... about 90 minutes.  Can't wait to see all my girls!

B and I have had such fun this week, it's almost hard to describe.  It's so rare to feel tangible love and yet, with each arrival of a friend or relative or a card sent by someone who can't celebrate with us, we're feeling a concrete representation of love and support from those around us.  It's amazing and humbling and a million other things that I'll chastise myself later for not being able to capture in words.

So much to look forward to, today and, well, forever.  But, for today, I'm excited to see my girlfriends, greet my family arriving today, dive into a delicious dinner tonight, and hopefully sleep well before tomorrow!

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~kelly marie~ said...

Good luck tomorrow, and congratulations on your wedding! :)