Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Summer, New Firm

B and I officially "moved" to Atlanta about a week ago, but finally got my clothes and office goodies from Birmingham and settled here this Monday. For those of you who don't know, B and I are flagrantly wallowing in the kindness of his parents, who recently redid their basement into a fabulous "in-law suite," and then offered said suite to us for use during our seven weeks in Atlanta. Yes, you read that right: we're the boomerang kids that are living with the parents for the summer.

Aside from making a lot of financial sense (we're already paying two rents, yikes!), the decision, especially in light of the events of last week, has turned out to be an excellent one. Instead of being in a furniture-less apartment while I work from home (or in the local Starbucks for the free wi-fi), we've got a gorgeous house that his parents are generously sharing, and I've got a constant supply of hugs, should I need them during the day. B hasn't said it, but I'm sure it made it easier on him to leave me Tuesday morning knowing that I would be with his family all day, even if I did spend it working on the back porch listening to the rain.

So we're in Atlanta (woohoo!) and getting into the swing of the summer associate activities. B went for drinks with a partner on Tuesday, we had a cocktail reception at the MLK center last night, and tomorrow he's heading out on Outward Bound for the day with his fellow summer associates. Tonight we're celebrating his little brother's return from college and wishing him well on his summer in NYC-- he leaves Sunday!

Getting back to this new "normal" has been good for me. Instead of planning ceremony details or slide shows (for either the wedding or the funeral, to be quite frank), I'm working on, well, work. Today's topic is cheesecake--strawberry, mixed fruit, chocolate, light, and savory. It's good to have something new to focus on (the knockoff Cheesecake Factory slice has 39 grams of fat? Yikes!), instead of the backwards-gazing viewpoint I've been holding for a week or so.

So, topically, all is good. Living arrangements? Good. Made baked ziti for B as our first married meal at home together. Made meatloaf a few nights later for the family. Work situation? Good. Getting a lot done on my end, and B's loving the people he's with for the summer. Family? Good. Everyone made it home safely and is doing what they can and need to process Dad's death. Married life? Excellent. B's amazing. Brought me orange juice in bed before he left for work. I've promised him that at least one morning, I'll actually get up before he kisses me goodbye at 7:50. Maybe.

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