Monday, December 6, 2010

Meet Olivia

For almost a month now, B and I have been bamboozled into taking care of this super cute Siamese kitty (a few months old). It showed up on our porch and started meowing directly into the crack of our door. This cat is the most dog-like cat we've ever experienced.

Case in point? Olivia (as we've named her) trots alongside B when he goes to the gym. She comes running when you open the back door. And, when we came home from Thanksgiving in Atlanta, she followed us right in the house. "Hi guys! Miss me?"

I give her milk. Our upstairs neighbor gives her dry food. And we all give her lots of back scratches.

We first named the cat Oliver, because it was an orphan (who abandons a true Siamese kitty?), but then our neighbor did some recon and discovered "he" was a "she," so Olivia she's been ever since.

Technically she's our first pet, but B and I have no interest in keeping her. Well, we do, but we're not really ready to commit to anything for 16 years. We're just getting this whole marriage thing, so we're trying to keep it simple.

Anyone want a Siamese kitty? Beware of Christmas gifts from me with air holes in the sides...
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We are BLESSED. said...

I love the kitty! She's too pretty to be a stray! Surely she has an owner somewhere... although that owner might be long forgotten since Brian is feeding her organic milk which I sure you all warmed in the microwave first :)

And when I say "I love the kitty" I do not mean "please send it to me." I am well aware that you are the one who sent live produce (aka mini pumpkins) to some of our friends so I know you aren't afraid to mail a feline.

Better find an owner fast before she gets too attached! They aren't just around for 16 years - those things have 9 lives, girl! Yikes!