Monday, December 6, 2010

The *Almost* Tree

B KNOWS I love Christmas, especially Christmas trees. Ergo, I'm burning a Woodwicks Christmas Tree candle as I type this.

So he was game when I drug him to Sam's to look at Christmas trees, for only $29!

Here's a picture of the tree we didn't get. While Sam's has amazing prices, they don't cut the bottom of the tree off, don't trim the branches, and basically make you look at them in this would-be wilderness in the front of the store. Moral of the story? Pay a little more, go to Ace or Home Depot (or your local tree farm), and have them tie it on your roof. That or buy your own chain saw, an option I did NOT present to B.

We did end up buying a different tree that day, which is sitting on our porch in a bucket of water waiting for B to come home from work. I tried telling him the tree was cold and needed to come inside, but he saw right through my lies.

B, I always love when you come home from work, but, tonight especially, I can't wait!
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