Friday, July 22, 2011

Conversation of the Day

And it happened before 10am!

Landlord: Well, I've found someone who can trap the opossum, but he needs to be inside the apartment to set the trap and can't come back for the trap until Monday.

Me: Wait, does that mean the trap will be INSIDE the apartment?

Landlord: I don't know! Find out everything that you can!

Did you know that opossum are apparently some kind of protected animal? Pest people won't touch them, the HVAC people don't mess with them; rather, they all refer you to a certain, specific pest dude, who should be here in the next 10 minutes and, fingers crossed, will be driving a refurbished ice cream truck with an opossum affixed to the roof.

A passel on all your houses!


K said...

If the man is not able to catch your opossum, and you need T to come drive his toy mini-coupe around your house (the only way I've ever heard of anyone "catching" an opossum is with a vehicle), just let me know!

~Mariah~ said...

hahaha....good luck!!

~Mariah~ said...

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PASSEL?!?!? Your avid readers want to know!! ~;o)