Friday, May 20, 2011

End of the World

There's a rumor going around, you may have heard, that the world is ending tomorrow. And while mostly I appreicate random things like that that crop up every so often, as they do make me think about what I have and what's important in life, today I feel like I'd simply show up before God looking mighty sleepy!

Today, so far, has been nutty. B & I, along with his Mom, our agent, and at least two lenders, have been working feverishly since 8am to get information gathered, organized, and sent. And I mean 8am yesterday. :)

As B's Mom says, this is the crazy part, and then things will settle down. If we do make it to close (in late July, mind you), B and I may have to have someone move our hands for us!

Right now I'm thankful for...
1) My job. I was only suppose to be here for two hours today, but having internet access has been invaluable, and it's pretty quiet around here.
2) For B, who's been driving since noon and still has hours to go to get here.
3) For my grandma, who will love that I'll call her in a few minutes and tell her we're spending the night with her.
4) For my seemingly tireless Mom, who admitted that she got home yesterday and took a nap.

Right now I could do without...
1) Such stringent mortgage hoops
2) "Business Hours"
3) Deadlines

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