Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Bath Reno, Day -1

Normally a call from your project manager is a good thing. He's invested! He's timely! He's... early?

That right, G was calling to tell me that our project was going so well (the one we hadn't started), that we needed to bump up days on the schedule.

Typically, you base everything around the items you can't rush. In our case, that's the cabinets. They need a four week lead time, meaning that demo would begin two weeks before that which meant... on and on.

So imagine my surprise when our cabinets are arriving in two weeks, which means that demo starts tomorrow. Imagine B's face when he got home from work and I told him we had to be out of the bath AND the kitchen this week. We're still married.

The blessed thing is that O is a super baby. We put her down at 7 and got to work about 8, calling it a night at midnight. Our closet is packed away, our bathroom is empty, and I'm left with a few thoughts:

1) If you have ever fixed your hair to go get your hair cut, you will understand this: It KILLED me to not to clean for the contractors. When you move out, unbelievable amounts of hiding dust and dog hair tumbleweeds materialize. We knew we were demoing our shower, so we hadn't cleaned it in... a while. But we left it. And it is shameful.

2) We have too many clothes. I gave away four trash bags full last night, with more to come as we unpack. As B was folding his 50th Polo, he agreed, saying not nearly all of that was coming back in post-reno.

We did have a few icing-on-the-cake moments. Let's be honest: This is a luxury. That we're getting to upgrade our living space is a huge and wonderful blessing. It's also a monumental pain in the arse. I can be blessed and still be whiny, right? At least a little?

It's a stressful time for both of us at work. B has a trial coming up and I'm blessed with huge assignments stemming from a successful ad team. O is wonder baby, but wonder babies still need food and fun, and clean clothes, and bedtime stories, and maybe just one more cookie. We could've stayed home this weekend and packed leisurely, but then it just ruins a whole weekend (instead of just one night!). We'd already spent our lunch hour at the tile place selecting floors, counters, and back-splashes, so the two of us were pretty tapped out going into the night.

So B was soldiering through work, packing, a fantasy draft, and my requests to move heavy things (because I am five months pregnant), when he finally moves his first handful of suits upstairs, where we'll be living for the duration of the reno (see? Blessed! We have space to move into!). He hangs four suits, that's literally four hangers, on the bar in the closet system only to have the entire thing collapse. Y'all, it was so sad that it couldn't even be funny.

It also couldn't be infuriating because the baby was asleep just a few feet away.

All that to say, we're underway. The sheeting and floor covering is going up. Tonight I need to clean out part of my kitchen and clear all the counters, plus make sure that the space under the bathroom in the basement doesn't contain anything too precious.

In theory, we'll be done by November 1. If not, I'm coming to your house for dinner.

I leave you with the before pictures of our bathroom. So long, lovely golden hardware!

Looking in the sink area from the hall beside the bathroom. There are a LOT of doors right now. Be prepared.

Turning to the right. More doors! This one to the water closet-- toilet and shower areas. We have what our contractor calls an "elbow knocker", a shower just wide enough to knock your elbows, but deep enough for the Blue Man Group. Meanwhile, our toilet area could seat five for dinner.

Turning to the left. The double vanities! I'm not going to lie. This area was part of what sold me on our house. Double sinks! Huge closet! Separate shower! But I'll be happy to have my bathtub... I hope. And less wall paper. And separate mirrors.

Looking into the main closet area.

Standing in the main closet area looking at the double closet doors (yes, we have a TON of storage space. Had. Had.) Insert new double vanity here.

Stay tuned, and start me a KickStarter for marital counseling if this goes past November 1. 

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