Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Comes to Visit!

Our visit began with a Zoe's lunch, a trip to the park, quiet time, then dinner at Al's Pizza. After dinner, the girls surprised me by changing into their Princess costumes (and Tyler into his Prince costume), and becoming our first and only trick-or-treaters! Check out Belle, the Prince, and Aurora. So cute! Plus, Aurora told me she could wear her outfit in cold weather, because it had sleeves (check out those sheer beauties!)

This, dear friends, is the Prince. How stinkin cute is he in his Bumbo chair? I miss him already.

Now this one melts my heart. After the girls were put to bed, B and T had a little quality man-to-man time on the couch. This was during a rest from their workout (you'll see what I mean).

Tyler lifts!

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~Mariah~ said...

OMG Tyler is SO CUTE. Melting....I'm melting!!!!